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English for your Business

English for Business Polish Subtitles
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Sales Pitch

Thanks to the lessons employees will improve their linguistic skills which will allow them to deliver sales presentations successfully. By improving the confidence of your employees using the language, they will be able to interact successfully with potential customers and increase sales.


Thanks to the lessons in which the employees will be exposed to real-life situations they will improve their confidence using the language and achieve the necessary skills to interact, present and negotiate successfully with the potential customers. 


Product management and awareness

Thanks to the lessons, employees will be able to increase their vocabulary related to the product or service, enhancing the team’s performance and ensuring consistent understanding across the organization which in a globalised world, might be in a different location and the use of English is necessary. 

Benefits package

Employee retention increases when benefits packages are offered and including English lessons might not only increase tenure but allow the employee to increase their skills.


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