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Teenagers English Polish Subtitles
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Here your kid will be able to speak English for real! Here is how...

At school, there are too many students

Unfortunately in school, the number of students makes learning challenging as students don’t have many opportunities to speak and use the target language actively and it is impossible to get feedback constantly from the teacher which limits their development in confidence and fluency. 

Individual lessons will allow the student to use the language actively during the whole lesson using topics that are relevant to the student, engaging in real life-life situations, roleplays, and discussions and getting constant feedback from the teacher which will allow the student to build their confidence and fluency.  

At school, learning English can be boring

Unfortunately in schools learning a language can become boring easily as there are many grammar exercises that are not connected to the student’s interests and this impacts negatively their interest in the language.

That is why our lessons are tailored to the student’s topics of interest, creating an engaging environment in which the student will be able to connect what’s being taught to their life, family, friends, and experiences which will create a real and positive impact in their learning, an impact that will allow the student remember what is being taught, making the process not only enjoyable but effective.

“I understand English but when I want to speak I can’t”

Don’t worry, your child is not alone. This is a huge problem when it comes to learning a language, you know a lot of vocabulary words, you know a lot of grammar, you understand when someone speaks, and you can read articles and posts online, but when you have to speak you miss the words and you can’t put 2 sentences together.

That is why during our lessons we will help your child gain self-confidence and use the language fluently. It is true when we say that since the first lesson, you will speak English the whole time. Even if you have never had an English lesson before, you will be able to do it. By relating the topics to the student’s interests, creating real-life situations, talking about the student’s experiences, providing feedback constantly, and tailoring the lesson to the student, we will be able to help the student use the language confidently whenever it is needed. 

At school, students have to think about exams and marks

The tests, the worksheets, the marks, everything combined can get in the way of learning the language. And learning a language is a skill rather than a number in a paper. 

That is why the goal in our lessons is not to obtain a mark but to participate, communicate and have a great time while discovering a new language. Your child is exposed to the language in a fun, interactive and meaningful way ensuring the development of the language skill.

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School year

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(September-June/38 weeks/ Once a week/60-minute lessons)

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700 zł (1).png

What do I need?

You need internet access, a webcam and GoogleMeets.

What is the payment method?

Bank Transfer


Do lessons take place during Christmas, winter holidays and Easter?

No, this has already been taken into consideration in the planning, children do not have activities during these weeks. There will be 38 teaching hours from September to June.


How long do lessons last?

Lessons last 60 minutes once a week

Can I reschedule a lesson?

Yes, rescheduling classes is possible with a 24-hour notice.


Can I get an invoice?

Yes, we issue invoices. 

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